We made it across America!

YAY, we did it!!!! Two months and five days from Atlantic to Pacific.

March 6, 2012 to May 11, 2012.

We did it!!!!

We have successfully made it across America!  Last Thursday we put in 101 miles of roller skiing. That left us with roughly 55-60 miles to go last Friday (the 11th).  We weaved through the cities of Livermore, Pleasanton, and passed by Hayward, CA.  We looked for the best and safest routes to the coast and found plenty of bike paths that led us to San Gregorio Beach, just south of Half Moon Bay.

Before making it  to the coast, we traveled through Yosemite National Park. While there, we were told we could not ski through the park. So, Santi and I did the next best thing. We ran/walked approximately the 50 miles through Yosemite National Park until we were allowed to put the skis back on. This was only the second time we were told we could not ski somewhere.  Santi and I were overjoyed to put our skies back on and speed up the progress. While we were in Yosemite Judy, Santi, and I were able to see Half Dome, El Capitan, several water falls, and a lot of wildlife.

Yosemite National Park

With Judy in Yosemite.

To be honest, the wild life got to know us. While we were camped out, in the middle of the night Santi came across a little raccoon on his way to the bathroom. In the morning Santi realized that a raccoon had opened up his backpack and dug out a little piece of chocolate. Along with the chocolate he decided to take Santis phone with him. It was not until the next day that Santi realized his phone was missing. Later I received a call that someone had found a phone in the dirt near Yosemite Village. It may be a while before Santi can be reached on his phone.

Once we made our way out of Yosemite we were able to hammer away at the miles. The last few days were long and tiring but well worth the extra push. On the morning of the last day we met a former Matador and the fastest hay slinger you will ever know. Our new friend Dale!

We are currently in San Francisco with Santi’s cousin Alec who led us the last stretch to the ocean!

It’s hard to believe that our journey has come to an end, but the fight against hunger in our world continues. We challenge all to remember to think of how fortunate we are and that we all have talents that can help others.

Finishing the last 15 miles together!

Skiing to the Pacific!

We would like to first thank God for inspiring us and guiding us through this and life’s journey. We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to Food for the Poor and helped us out with trip expenses. We also want to say thank you to all who helped us along the way by providing us with food and housing. Last but not least we want to thank everyone who believed we could do this and cheered us on!

Thank you Judy! You are truly one in a million!

This has been a once in a lifetime experience for us and we are truly touched by the kindness in our world. We are very grateful for our sponsors, New Moon, Solomon, Suunto, Wilson Electronics, and our amazing skis from V2!

Santi falling into the ocean

Whats next for the Ski Across America duo? We will be back to work and ski training within the week. We will also be planning with God’s guidance life’s next endeavor!

Please be sure to check back in periodically with the website. Santi will be posting a gear review to let everyone know how our equipment worked and we will be adding some other pictures from throughout the trip!

Thank you all and God Bless!

We have made it to the final state, California!!!

Yesterday, May 6th marks two months since we started Ski Across America. Today (May 7th) we made it to California! The home stretch is in sight. We were joined on Saturday by our good friend and fellow New Moon co-worker Judy Krueger. She has joined us for the last stretch of the journey so Santi and I can get in so big skiing! It has been such a blessing to have her here with us. Along with being an awesome supporter she is the best ski cheer leader around! Judy has been at many of our ski races with her husband Jim cheering us on over the years.

Before picking up Judy we skied on the Extra Terrestrial Highway through Nevada!

We have our protective helmet's on!

Oh the things you see on the ET Highway!

Hmmmm... 51 road, I wonder what that could be? Possibly Area 51?

After miles and miles of skiing this is what we found.

Santi skiing through the long valley's in Nevada.

We have been advised by many friends and family members to fill up with gas and have plenty of water in Nevada. The roads are long and towns, showers, and bathrooms are very few and far between. It has been neat to spend several nights under the  Nevada stars, off the beaten path. Last night we were treated to a beautiful full moon, rising over the hills of Nevada.

The little friend we found at our camp site.

Today we skied our last miles in Nevada and crossed into the final state, California!

The final stretch is in sight!

Tomorrow we ski through Yosemite National Park on our way to the Pacific!


Hello Nevada!

YAY! We have made it to Nevada. We are down to the last two states! This past week we took a few days to rest up for the last pull of the trek and plan out some details. We were able to stay with our good friend Dave Knoop.

We also had the opportunity to visit one of our sponsors, Wilson Electronics in St. George, Utah. There we met with Ken Perkins and he showed us around. Wilson Electrons gave us a cell phone booster to improve our cell phone signal and provide just enough service to get calls out in areas where it is spotty. A big thank you for your help on our journey Wilson Electronics!!!

Visiting one of our sponsors.

While taking some time to trip plan we received a picture from the St. Francis De Sales School in Spooner, WI. Thank you St. Francis School for cheering us on and your support towards the cause!

Thank you for your support St. Francis!!!

We also have some more exciting news, after reviewing our maps and some details we are a little less than 700 miles from the coast! Yahoooo, home stretch here we come!

Here is some more exciting news (if the title did not give it away). We made it to Nevada!

Goodbye Utah you were lovely, hello Nevada!

We battled a bit of a headwind most of the day but successfully made it to the town of Caliente, Nevada last night. Today we hit the road with hopes of putting in another 80-90 miles.

Here is a little treat for all of our readers. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and I did not get a chance to post it. Some may wonder if Santi gets enough calories in during the trip. Well I am here to tell you the $1 McDoubles are a favorite of his.

So Happy!

If anyone has a picture with their Ski Accross America T-shirt (found at New Moon Ski and Bike) and would like to share it on our blog please send it to skiacrossamerica@gmail.com



Where have we been???

It has been a while now between posts and unfortunately that will be the trend here until we hit California. We are reaching the last bit of Utah and preparing to cross into Nevada. So let’s go back and see what we have been up to.

Last weekend we had the blessing of spending time with our Aunt Jonie and Uncle Fellows. They drove up from Phoenix to meet up with us. On our day off we traveled with them to see the Grand Canyon and enjoyed a wonderful hike through the canyon.

At the Grand Canyon with family!

After a day of it was back to skiing. Utah started out with red rock formations, hot sunny weather,and long roads with no one in sight.

In the middle of southern Utah, the roads were long and lonely as there weren’t many towns or church stops.  The plus was that there were a lot of camp grounds!  After putting in a long day on the road in the beating sun, we were dirty and sweaty.  We needed a shower of some sort. The only campsite for miles was filled up, so we improvised. We took a mountain river bath (video below) and camped on an ATV trail. We are getting ready for the Nevada stretch.

Homemade campsite last Tuesday.

We woke up and hit the road early to beat the heat. We found ourselves climbing the lovely Grand Staircase-Escalate just outside of Boulder, Utah.

Going through Grand Staircase-Escalate

Up the staircase!

View from the top!

We found a KOA to stay at last Wednesday. It was a blessing to get a hot shower.  We also got some disappointing news, though.  There was supposed to be a heavy thunder-storm the next day which might mean we wouldn’t be able to ski. Luckily we woke up to a slightly overcast day with off and on April showers. Starting out the day, we had no idea what would be in the forecast that evening. We continued skiing through the light showers. It was only suppose to be a 60-65  mile day. Our goal was Cedar City, Utah and we had what seemed to a be a great route picked out. Then it started, the endless climb up and up. Santi and I climbed the majority of the afternoon and into the evening. Every turn we made and every hill we crested we expected a downhill. After all, what goes up must come down, right? Not that day. As the day went on and the higher we climbed, those little rain showers turned into snow showers and fog.

UP, UP, UP!!!!!

Leaning into the mountain, wind, and rain/sleet

After the long climb up to 10,400 ft. we were ready for a nice downhill into Cedar City. However, when we turned the corner to begin the descent down, we were both shocked to find it closed! Wish we would have known that thirty miles back!

Picture from the next day, when the sun was out. CLOSED!!!

It was 7:30 and beginning to get dark, so we called it quits for the day and decided to drive down another road to Duckville, UT. We wanted to find the campground indicated by our AAA map. When we got to Duckville, we found the second route option closed as well!  It turns out a mile of the road had been taken out by a massive landslide.

The next morning we woke up and went back to where we had finished. To the left the road was closed and to the right we were free to keep going. Just a little further up to the top and then it was 10 miles of downhill!!!

Lots of climbing!

View from the top.

Now for the down hill!!!!


Santi next to the runaway truck ramp.

After the long enjoyable downhill we continued to ski on a ways before calling it a day. We are currently closing in quickly on Nevada. After taking some time to trip plan, we can now say that we only have about 700 miles to go!!!!  YAHOOOO!!!

Until next time, happy spring to all!


Happy Earth Day!

Dear Ski Across America followers and supporters,

Southern Utah

First off, happy Earth day to all! In this upcoming week, we are headed into a large non-internet and cell coverage area in Southern Utah.  As we won’t be able to upload blogs, we would like to leave a little food for thought and a request for the next few days.

Our main mission on this trip has been to raise money for those who have nothing.  We have now delivered letters (to be read to the congregations) requesting contributions to Food for the Poor to just under 400 churches along our route.  As we approach the last few weeks of our trek we are still far short of our fund raising goal, $36 dollars (enough to feed a child for a year) for every mile we roller-ski.  We are less than 1/10th of the way to meeting our fundraising goal.  We are asking for help from those following our progress. On the Ways to Help page we have a list of fundraising/assistance opportunities that would help us with our mission.   We would like to thank everyone that has donated to Food for the Poor on Ski Across America’s behalf.   We also want to share with everyone some of the information that inspired us to plan and take on this journey.

We have the ability to impact countless numbers of lives.  According to the 2010 World Bank figures, 85% of the world population lives off of under six dollars a day.  That’s under $2,200 a year!  Even with a weakened economy, we are blessed with wealth in the U.S.  Everyone wishes they could be in the top 10% of income makers in our country.  The truth is, though, most of us already are in the top 10% of income makers in the world. Even those of us living below the poverty line are still among the top 15% of income makers in the world.  Therefore, it is important for us to switch our perspective from what we don’t have, to what we do have.

Just five dollars donated to Food for the Poor provides food to a child in one of these countries for 50 days. We hope that the undertaking of our journey will inspire all to apply their gifts and talents to help those less fortunate in our world.

This is what your contributions do

We are the Roller People

First off sorry for the delay in posting. We have been without a strong internet signal for a while and it has postponed our blogging. We have had a pretty exciting time these past few days. It was filled with meeting up with friends, lots of skiing, and new experiences.

Lets go back to where we left off in the last post. Brace yourself, this will be a long one but well worth reading through it all!

We kept skiing through New Mexico and eventually came upon the mountains! Before that we skied across some rolling plains and met some of New Mexico’s wildlife.

Meeting the wildlife.

We stayed in Cimarron, NM before tackling the long climbs towards Eagle Nest,NM and then on to Taos. Our ski that day was beautiful but also very windy! There was a wind advisory that morning of 40-60 mph wind gusts, and we were skiing straight into them. Here is a glimpse of what the scenery was like.

The downhill into Eagle Nest!

We skied through Eagle Nest and were greeted with a long grinding hill on our way to Taos. Santi was pretty excited for the big climb up Valle Escondido. Once he reached the top it was time to put the speed reducers on our V2 skis and begin the decent. We made a trade and I skied us into Taos. The closer we got to Taos we noticed the architecture starting to change into beautiful Pueblo style houses. We were also greeted by some cooler weather. When we made it into town, it started to snow on us.

Entering Taos

As soon as we finished skiing last Saturday we went to Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. While there we were able to speak about our journey. We also were invited to stay with our new friend Todd. Sunday morning we attended the three church services with Father Niggel and spoke about our journey. Thank you to the Taos Pueblo and the San Geronimo Catholic Church for their donation to Food for the Poor! Later that day Todd took us on a run through the Land of Enchantment.

Our new friend Todd

We left Taos on Monday morning and headed towards Tierra Amarilla. This was not a normal Monday. It was by far one of the most demanding days we have faced yet. The day started out with flat terrain leaving Taos and turned into a lot of climbing. We came across Rio Grande Gorge just outside of Taos.


The Gorge

Santi skied over the Gorge!!!!

We kept skiing along, then out of no where we see these awesome buildings. I stopped to see what they were and learned that they are houses built out of recycled materials. There was a whole community built like this. They are called Earthship and their focus is on sustainable living and energy. It was amazing and I have to share how cool this is!

We continued on our way and after Tres Piedras we hit the start of the climb. We climbed  for almost two hours before reaching flat terrain.

The pass up Jawbone Mt. 10,000 ft Elevation

After a couple shorter hills, we began the descent down into Tierra Amarilla.


We entered Tierra Amarilla after the 80 mile day and were excited to find our camp site and hit the hay for the evening.

The next morning we were able to receive phone service again and Santi found out that he had a missed call from Sharbel Dussault. We had hoped to meet up with the Dussault family, and to our excitement, they were only a few miles away! We made our way towards where they were and met up with them for a fun-filled day of skiing, conversation, wonderful food, and great memories. Rebecca had her roller-skiing stuff and I was overjoyed to be skiing with such an inspiring woman, whom I admire very much! Their kids were also very excited to finally meet the Roller-People!

Skiing with Rebecca!

We also crossed another border and are now in Colorado!

Into Colorado we go!!!

That evening we camped next to the Dussault family and shared a wonderful dinner and breakfast the next morning!

We headed out Wednesday morning towards Durango.  Along the way we came upon a gentleman pushing a baby stroller. He was running across the U.S. to raise money for the American Heart Association. Check it out at www.willpoweredrun.org

A fellow traveler!

Upon our arrival in Durango, we met up with our friend and Birkie Champ Tad Elliott and his family. We made it to Durango just in time to watch Tad dominate the Wednesday night mountain bike race.

We would like to extend a big thank you to our new friend Todd, the Dussault Family, and the Elliott Family for their kindness and support along our journey!

Today we hit the road toward Cortez, CO!


On the Road in New Mexico

We have been in New Mexico now for three days. So far we have had beautiful scenery, lots of wind, and nothing but the open road!

We left Logan, NM on Tuesday morning and found ourselves to be some of the only people on the road.  50 miles from Logan we came across another Cap-rock. Skiing up this we gained a bit of altitude, and some beautiful sights.

Santi Climbing the Cap-rock.

Going up the Cap-rock.

Once we reached the top of the cap-rock it was not long before we found ourselves in one of the many tiny towns along our route.

The Little Town of Mosquero

We continued through the town of  Mosquero, NM into the town of Roy, NM. Once we arrived in Roy, I was stopped by a few women that asked me what I was doing and warned me that a big thunder-storm with hail was on its way. So I backtracked to find Santi at the Roy Baptist Church talking to the pastor. He told us that we could stay at the church for the evening. This came as a huge blessing because the storm was rolling in fast. When the storm cleared we went to check out the beautiful sunset that filled the sky.

After the Storm.

Long Downhill!!!

Today we both woke up pretty tired and Santi is under the weather, so we decided to make it a shorter day (46 miles to Springer, NM). The distance today was short but the wind was brutal. A couple of times the wind brought me to a complete stand still, but it was wonderful when we did make it to Springer and were able to call it a day.

Tomorrow we will put in another short day to make sure that we are feeling better before hitting higher altitude.


Hola Nuevo Mexico!

We are very excited to say that we have completed another state today! Skiing through the Texas panhandle was fast and enjoyable. We were greeted with warm welcomes and many questions about what we are doing.  Before we knew it we were at the Texas, New Mexico border.

When we entered New Mexico we were greeted with some dry heat, which has been a nice change from the humidity we were skiing in.  When we first crossed the border there was not much of a difference between Texas and New Mexico, but it did not take long before the terrain began to change. The roads were quiet and we could see for miles. We were told that there was not much between towns in New Mexico and we have found that to be true. However, it is a roller-skiers dream to face only the open road.  Every so often cars go by, but they are few. Today a car that was coming towards me honked their horn continuously and gave me a thumbs up! It was great to see the excitement and encouragement. We traveled for a while into the vast open grasslands, then before we knew it we came upon a huge drop off.

Just before the drop-off

Santi Skiing by the Windmills (one had some windmill cowboys working on it!)

Santi coming down the Cap-rock

Today was hands down the fastest day we have had to date. We had a goal of hitting 90 miles today ( Bovina, TX to Logan, NM). We hit the road at 9 A.M. and entered into Logan at 5:30 our time (4:30 mountain time, which we entered into today). We wasted no time in our tag offs to each other and the weather was in our favor!  We would like to extend a big thank you to the First Baptist Church of Logan for putting us up for the night! It’s always a blessing to take a shower after a long warm day on the road. The plan for tomorrow is another 75  miles into the vast plains of New Mexico to a campsite in the Kiowa National Grasslands.

Into the Panhandle of Texas!!!

We made our way across the Oklahoma,Texas border two days ago and have made it halfway through the Texas panhandle!  It’s time to backtrack and tell you all what we have been up to the past few days.

After leaving my aunts house we started to make our way towards Frederick, OK. Along the way we came across a flying school.

Then made our way into Frederick, OK.

In Frederick we were put up in a hotel by the First Baptist Church and would like to extend a big thank you to them. When we rolled into town we were just in time for Holy Thursday Mass. There we made some new friends.

After church with new friends

We spent a lovely evening in Frederick and prepared for another full day of skiing. Friday we woke up to a sunny, cool day. We noticed that the scenery was starting to change and the air was beginning to get dryer. Western states here we come!  Several times Santi and I noticed the smell of grape soda in the air. Every time we saw these purple flowers the smell filled the air. It was a real treat when we came across them.

Santi skiing along the grape soda flowers.

We have come across several farms with cows, horses, and donkeys.  The reactions from the animals vary each time we come across them. Sometimes they run away and sometimes they come closer to see what we are doing. In this next picture the cattle could not make up their minds about Santi. They kept running back and forth.

Santi greeting the cows

As the day was coming to an end we crossed the border!

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright.....Deep in the Heart of TEXAS!!!!!

When Friday evening rolled around, we had not found a place to stay, but we found the next best thing.  Car camping. We stopped at a truck stop to shower and slept under the bright lights of a Wal-Mart parking lot.

This morning we woke to another great day of skiing in the south! Today was a real treat. Cool air, wind at our backs most of the time, and beautiful scenery.

Crossing over the Red River/ (red stream!)

In the late afternoon/early evening, as we skied through Quitaque, TX we were invited to a meal by some new friends, Rob and Jill.  We got to know them a little better while eating some yummy sandwiches.  With these, we were fueled up for the last few hours of skiing! Tonight we made it to Silverton,TX.

Today also marks exactly one month and one day since we started our journey across America to fight hunger. We would like to say thank you to everyone who is praying, thinking, supporting us and the charity we are skiing for (Food for the Poor).

Tomorrow we will take our rest day and celebrate the joy of Easter.

God Bless and Happy Easter!!!

Cooler Weather!

We are working on making or adventure more interactive. So in this post we have a video from yesterday in the rain. Be sure to check it out.

This past Sunday after Church we were invited to join the St. Mary’s youth group to help them stuff Easter eggs, for next weeks Easter egg hunt. Later that day we were invited to dinner at the Dempewolf’s house. They prepared a delicious meal for us and we were able to get to know them better.

Dinner with our new friends!!!!

We left Ardmore Monday morning and headed back to where we left off on Saturday evening. We were delighted to have a cool breeze at our backs. Monday we made it just past Loco, OK before the sun began to set. We then headed to my Aunt’s house who lives near by. Tuesday morning we went back to where we ended to start-up again. The weather was nice and cool but there was a big storm on its way. We made a little video of what it was like yesterday.

Unfortunately, we did not make it very far due to the thunder and lightning in the area. We had to call it a day. On our way back to my aunt’s house we heard on the radio that there were several tornadoes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (which is south of where we currently are). When we got back to her house we watched the weather channel and could not believe the damage that occurred. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were affected by the tornado’s and storms.

When we returned from being out in the stormy weather we were greeted with a package all the way from Hayward, WI! Thank you New Moon!

Our wonderful care package from New Moon! Thank you!!!

We also received many kind letters and financial support from friends back home. Thank you  to you all who sent us letters and thank you to the Ely Nordic Ski Program for their generous  donation to our trip expenses!