Into the Panhandle of Texas!!!

We made our way across the Oklahoma,Texas border two days ago and have made it halfway through the Texas panhandle!  It’s time to backtrack and tell you all what we have been up to the past few days.

After leaving my aunts house we started to make our way towards Frederick, OK. Along the way we came across a flying school.

Then made our way into Frederick, OK.

In Frederick we were put up in a hotel by the First Baptist Church and would like to extend a big thank you to them. When we rolled into town we were just in time for Holy Thursday Mass. There we made some new friends.

After church with new friends

We spent a lovely evening in Frederick and prepared for another full day of skiing. Friday we woke up to a sunny, cool day. We noticed that the scenery was starting to change and the air was beginning to get dryer. Western states here we come!  Several times Santi and I noticed the smell of grape soda in the air. Every time we saw these purple flowers the smell filled the air. It was a real treat when we came across them.

Santi skiing along the grape soda flowers.

We have come across several farms with cows, horses, and donkeys.  The reactions from the animals vary each time we come across them. Sometimes they run away and sometimes they come closer to see what we are doing. In this next picture the cattle could not make up their minds about Santi. They kept running back and forth.

Santi greeting the cows

As the day was coming to an end we crossed the border!

The Stars at Night are Big and Bright.....Deep in the Heart of TEXAS!!!!!

When Friday evening rolled around, we had not found a place to stay, but we found the next best thing.  Car camping. We stopped at a truck stop to shower and slept under the bright lights of a Wal-Mart parking lot.

This morning we woke to another great day of skiing in the south! Today was a real treat. Cool air, wind at our backs most of the time, and beautiful scenery.

Crossing over the Red River/ (red stream!)

In the late afternoon/early evening, as we skied through Quitaque, TX we were invited to a meal by some new friends, Rob and Jill.  We got to know them a little better while eating some yummy sandwiches.  With these, we were fueled up for the last few hours of skiing! Tonight we made it to Silverton,TX.

Today also marks exactly one month and one day since we started our journey across America to fight hunger. We would like to say thank you to everyone who is praying, thinking, supporting us and the charity we are skiing for (Food for the Poor).

Tomorrow we will take our rest day and celebrate the joy of Easter.

God Bless and Happy Easter!!!

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