On the Road in New Mexico

We have been in New Mexico now for three days. So far we have had beautiful scenery, lots of wind, and nothing but the open road!

We left Logan, NM on Tuesday morning and found ourselves to be some of the only people on the road.  50 miles from Logan we came across another Cap-rock. Skiing up this we gained a bit of altitude, and some beautiful sights.

Santi Climbing the Cap-rock.

Going up the Cap-rock.

Once we reached the top of the cap-rock it was not long before we found ourselves in one of the many tiny towns along our route.

The Little Town of Mosquero

We continued through the town of  Mosquero, NM into the town of Roy, NM. Once we arrived in Roy, I was stopped by a few women that asked me what I was doing and warned me that a big thunder-storm with hail was on its way. So I backtracked to find Santi at the Roy Baptist Church talking to the pastor. He told us that we could stay at the church for the evening. This came as a huge blessing because the storm was rolling in fast. When the storm cleared we went to check out the beautiful sunset that filled the sky.

After the Storm.

Long Downhill!!!

Today we both woke up pretty tired and Santi is under the weather, so we decided to make it a shorter day (46 miles to Springer, NM). The distance today was short but the wind was brutal. A couple of times the wind brought me to a complete stand still, but it was wonderful when we did make it to Springer and were able to call it a day.

Tomorrow we will put in another short day to make sure that we are feeling better before hitting higher altitude.


One thought on “On the Road in New Mexico

  1. Keep going and ski the good ski of faith. If you get to Cloudcroft NM it is a superb little town with a downhill skiing area.