We are the Roller People

First off sorry for the delay in posting. We have been without a strong internet signal for a while and it has postponed our blogging. We have had a pretty exciting time these past few days. It was filled with meeting up with friends, lots of skiing, and new experiences.

Lets go back to where we left off in the last post. Brace yourself, this will be a long one but well worth reading through it all!

We kept skiing through New Mexico and eventually came upon the mountains! Before that we skied across some rolling plains and met some of New Mexico’s wildlife.

Meeting the wildlife.

We stayed in Cimarron, NM before tackling the long climbs towards Eagle Nest,NM and then on to Taos. Our ski that day was beautiful but also very windy! There was a wind advisory that morning of 40-60 mph wind gusts, and we were skiing straight into them. Here is a glimpse of what the scenery was like.

The downhill into Eagle Nest!

We skied through Eagle Nest and were greeted with a long grinding hill on our way to Taos. Santi was pretty excited for the big climb up Valle Escondido. Once he reached the top it was time to put the speed reducers on our V2 skis and begin the decent. We made a trade and I skied us into Taos. The closer we got to Taos we noticed the architecture starting to change into beautiful Pueblo style houses. We were also greeted by some cooler weather. When we made it into town, it started to snow on us.

Entering Taos

As soon as we finished skiing last Saturday we went to Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. While there we were able to speak about our journey. We also were invited to stay with our new friend Todd. Sunday morning we attended the three church services with Father Niggel and spoke about our journey. Thank you to the Taos Pueblo and the San Geronimo Catholic Church for their donation to Food for the Poor! Later that day Todd took us on a run through the Land of Enchantment.

Our new friend Todd

We left Taos on Monday morning and headed towards Tierra Amarilla. This was not a normal Monday. It was by far one of the most demanding days we have faced yet. The day started out with flat terrain leaving Taos and turned into a lot of climbing. We came across Rio Grande Gorge just outside of Taos.


The Gorge

Santi skied over the Gorge!!!!

We kept skiing along, then out of no where we see these awesome buildings. I stopped to see what they were and learned that they are houses built out of recycled materials. There was a whole community built like this. They are called Earthship and their focus is on sustainable living and energy. It was amazing and I have to share how cool this is!

We continued on our way and after Tres Piedras we hit the start of the climb. We climbed  for almost two hours before reaching flat terrain.

The pass up Jawbone Mt. 10,000 ft Elevation

After a couple shorter hills, we began the descent down into Tierra Amarilla.


We entered Tierra Amarilla after the 80 mile day and were excited to find our camp site and hit the hay for the evening.

The next morning we were able to receive phone service again and Santi found out that he had a missed call from Sharbel Dussault. We had hoped to meet up with the Dussault family, and to our excitement, they were only a few miles away! We made our way towards where they were and met up with them for a fun-filled day of skiing, conversation, wonderful food, and great memories. Rebecca had her roller-skiing stuff and I was overjoyed to be skiing with such an inspiring woman, whom I admire very much! Their kids were also very excited to finally meet the Roller-People!

Skiing with Rebecca!

We also crossed another border and are now in Colorado!

Into Colorado we go!!!

That evening we camped next to the Dussault family and shared a wonderful dinner and breakfast the next morning!

We headed out Wednesday morning towards Durango.  Along the way we came upon a gentleman pushing a baby stroller. He was running across the U.S. to raise money for the American Heart Association. Check it out at www.willpoweredrun.org

A fellow traveler!

Upon our arrival in Durango, we met up with our friend and Birkie Champ Tad Elliott and his family. We made it to Durango just in time to watch Tad dominate the Wednesday night mountain bike race.

We would like to extend a big thank you to our new friend Todd, the Dussault Family, and the Elliott Family for their kindness and support along our journey!

Today we hit the road toward Cortez, CO!


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