Happy Earth Day!

Dear Ski Across America followers and supporters,

Southern Utah

First off, happy Earth day to all! In this upcoming week, we are headed into a large non-internet and cell coverage area in Southern Utah.  As we won’t be able to upload blogs, we would like to leave a little food for thought and a request for the next few days.

Our main mission on this trip has been to raise money for those who have nothing.  We have now delivered letters (to be read to the congregations) requesting contributions to Food for the Poor to just under 400 churches along our route.  As we approach the last few weeks of our trek we are still far short of our fund raising goal, $36 dollars (enough to feed a child for a year) for every mile we roller-ski.  We are less than 1/10th of the way to meeting our fundraising goal.  We are asking for help from those following our progress. On the Ways to Help page we have a list of fundraising/assistance opportunities that would help us with our mission.   We would like to thank everyone that has donated to Food for the Poor on Ski Across America’s behalf.   We also want to share with everyone some of the information that inspired us to plan and take on this journey.

We have the ability to impact countless numbers of lives.  According to the 2010 World Bank figures, 85% of the world population lives off of under six dollars a day.  That’s under $2,200 a year!  Even with a weakened economy, we are blessed with wealth in the U.S.  Everyone wishes they could be in the top 10% of income makers in our country.  The truth is, though, most of us already are in the top 10% of income makers in the world. Even those of us living below the poverty line are still among the top 15% of income makers in the world.  Therefore, it is important for us to switch our perspective from what we don’t have, to what we do have.

Just five dollars donated to Food for the Poor provides food to a child in one of these countries for 50 days. We hope that the undertaking of our journey will inspire all to apply their gifts and talents to help those less fortunate in our world.

This is what your contributions do

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