Where have we been???

It has been a while now between posts and unfortunately that will be the trend here until we hit California. We are reaching the last bit of Utah and preparing to cross into Nevada. So let’s go back and see what we have been up to.

Last weekend we had the blessing of spending time with our Aunt Jonie and Uncle Fellows. They drove up from Phoenix to meet up with us. On our day off we traveled with them to see the Grand Canyon and enjoyed a wonderful hike through the canyon.

At the Grand Canyon with family!

After a day of it was back to skiing. Utah started out with red rock formations, hot sunny weather,and long roads with no one in sight.

In the middle of southern Utah, the roads were long and lonely as there weren’t many towns or church stops.  The plus was that there were a lot of camp grounds!  After putting in a long day on the road in the beating sun, we were dirty and sweaty.  We needed a shower of some sort. The only campsite for miles was filled up, so we improvised. We took a mountain river bath (video below) and camped on an ATV trail. We are getting ready for the Nevada stretch.

Homemade campsite last Tuesday.

We woke up and hit the road early to beat the heat. We found ourselves climbing the lovely Grand Staircase-Escalate just outside of Boulder, Utah.

Going through Grand Staircase-Escalate

Up the staircase!

View from the top!

We found a KOA to stay at last Wednesday. It was a blessing to get a hot shower.  We also got some disappointing news, though.  There was supposed to be a heavy thunder-storm the next day which might mean we wouldn’t be able to ski. Luckily we woke up to a slightly overcast day with off and on April showers. Starting out the day, we had no idea what would be in the forecast that evening. We continued skiing through the light showers. It was only suppose to be a 60-65  mile day. Our goal was Cedar City, Utah and we had what seemed to a be a great route picked out. Then it started, the endless climb up and up. Santi and I climbed the majority of the afternoon and into the evening. Every turn we made and every hill we crested we expected a downhill. After all, what goes up must come down, right? Not that day. As the day went on and the higher we climbed, those little rain showers turned into snow showers and fog.

UP, UP, UP!!!!!

Leaning into the mountain, wind, and rain/sleet

After the long climb up to 10,400 ft. we were ready for a nice downhill into Cedar City. However, when we turned the corner to begin the descent down, we were both shocked to find it closed! Wish we would have known that thirty miles back!

Picture from the next day, when the sun was out. CLOSED!!!

It was 7:30 and beginning to get dark, so we called it quits for the day and decided to drive down another road to Duckville, UT. We wanted to find the campground indicated by our AAA map. When we got to Duckville, we found the second route option closed as well!  It turns out a mile of the road had been taken out by a massive landslide.

The next morning we woke up and went back to where we had finished. To the left the road was closed and to the right we were free to keep going. Just a little further up to the top and then it was 10 miles of downhill!!!

Lots of climbing!

View from the top.

Now for the down hill!!!!


Santi next to the runaway truck ramp.

After the long enjoyable downhill we continued to ski on a ways before calling it a day. We are currently closing in quickly on Nevada. After taking some time to trip plan, we can now say that we only have about 700 miles to go!!!!  YAHOOOO!!!

Until next time, happy spring to all!


One thought on “Where have we been???

  1. Blessings from Hayward, your adventure sounds like some of the stories I have been reading about Saints. God Bless both. How is the fund raising going for the food for the poor?
    Carl and Sylvia