Hello Nevada!

YAY! We have made it to Nevada. We are down to the last two states! This past week we took a few days to rest up for the last pull of the trek and plan out some details. We were able to stay with our good friend Dave Knoop.

We also had the opportunity to visit one of our sponsors, Wilson Electronics in St. George, Utah. There we met with Ken Perkins and he showed us around. Wilson Electrons gave us a cell phone booster to improve our cell phone signal and provide just enough service to get calls out in areas where it is spotty. A big thank you for your help on our journey Wilson Electronics!!!

Visiting one of our sponsors.

While taking some time to trip plan we received a picture from the St. Francis De Sales School in Spooner, WI. Thank you St. Francis School for cheering us on and your support towards the cause!

Thank you for your support St. Francis!!!

We also have some more exciting news, after reviewing our maps and some details we are a little less than 700 miles from the coast! Yahoooo, home stretch here we come!

Here is some more exciting news (if the title did not give it away). We made it to Nevada!

Goodbye Utah you were lovely, hello Nevada!

We battled a bit of a headwind most of the day but successfully made it to the town of Caliente, Nevada last night. Today we hit the road with hopes of putting in another 80-90 miles.

Here is a little treat for all of our readers. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago and I did not get a chance to post it. Some may wonder if Santi gets enough calories in during the trip. Well I am here to tell you the $1 McDoubles are a favorite of his.

So Happy!

If anyone has a picture with their Ski Accross America T-shirt (found at New Moon Ski and Bike) and would like to share it on our blog please send it to skiacrossamerica@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “Hello Nevada!

  1. Dear Santi and Carolyn,

    How did the crossing of the Colorado River go? Was southern Utah a great trip? I am so glad you got a few days to rest before tackling NV. Do you go through Death Valley?

    The Phoenix Hargraves

  2. Hey guys, do you ever have companions that come out to ski with you for a bit of the journey? I life in the northeast (in PA, and I feel like one of the only, if not THE only rollerskier around), and would have liked to see you ski. I understand trying to avoid the snow though!