We have made it to the final state, California!!!

Yesterday, May 6th marks two months since we started Ski Across America. Today (May 7th) we made it to California! The home stretch is in sight. We were joined on Saturday by our good friend and fellow New Moon co-worker Judy Krueger. She has joined us for the last stretch of the journey so Santi and I can get in so big skiing! It has been such a blessing to have her here with us. Along with being an awesome supporter she is the best ski cheer leader around! Judy has been at many of our ski races with her husband Jim cheering us on over the years.

Before picking up Judy we skied on the Extra Terrestrial Highway through Nevada!

We have our protective helmet's on!

Oh the things you see on the ET Highway!

Hmmmm... 51 road, I wonder what that could be? Possibly Area 51?

After miles and miles of skiing this is what we found.

Santi skiing through the long valley's in Nevada.

We have been advised by many friends and family members to fill up with gas and have plenty of water in Nevada. The roads are long and towns, showers, and bathrooms are very few and far between. It has been neat to spend several nights under the  Nevada stars, off the beaten path. Last night we were treated to a beautiful full moon, rising over the hills of Nevada.

The little friend we found at our camp site.

Today we skied our last miles in Nevada and crossed into the final state, California!

The final stretch is in sight!

Tomorrow we ski through Yosemite National Park on our way to the Pacific!


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