The Journey

Carolyn and Santi are currently semi/professional cross-country skiers racing on the national circuit.  Despite their athletic ambitions, they believe they have a calling to something more.  Furthermore, they believe that it is possible to combine their own goals and training with fundraising efforts for a greater good.  Because of this, they will be forgoing the end of our competitive ski racing season and spring break this year to tackle this fund-raising project.  Beginning the first week in March, they will be roller-skiing across America (3,000 + miles) in attempts to inspire giving to those who are desperately in need.  They will be starting in Charleston, South Carolina and roller-ski all the way to San Francisco, California over the course of 3 months.

Even though competitive Nordic Racing requires a simple non luxurious lifestyle by US standards, they find it important to understand how truly blessed and well off the majority of people in this country are.  In this country we oftentimes have a difficult time understanding what true need, poverty, and starvation are.  The closest many of us will come to enduring elevated hunger is from missing a meal or two.

The knowledge of the fact that 36 US dollars can feed a child in an impoverished country for a year is very thought-provoking.

The main goal of their athletic adventure is to inspire giving and fundraising on behalf of those desperately in need.  They will be visiting as many churches, schools, and fundraising organizations as they can during their three month adventure in attempts to raise $36 for every mile they roller-ski, (total of $108,000) enough to feed approximately 3,000 children for a year.

Along the way they would like to inspire others to consider contributing towards the cause by donating,  creating their own fund-raiser in the projects support, or assisting them  in their Ski Across America fund-raising mission.

14 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. I knew this would happen someday. I was just waiting to hear who was crazy/awesome enough to do it and for what reason. You two are the only two I could think of, to do something as awesome as this! Enjoy the journey. If you end up coming through Colorado, which you’re not, you could potentially get some more recovery (downhills), that is. I wish you luck and have the best times with each other. This will be something you will be able to talk about for a lifetime.

    • Haha, Thanks Sylvan! We actually will be going through southern Colorado/Durango!
      P.S. Awesome job over in Europe, keep it up!

        • Thanks Sylvan! I just finished a “How to Help” page. Check it out and see if there is anything there you would like to do. Helping put on a fund-raiser on our behalf around the time we will be passing through would be awesome!!

  2. We were touched and edified by your presentation at St. Joseph Church in Hayward on Sunday (My grandchildren were the ones who asked you to autograph their t-shirts). I have mentioned your project on facebook and emailed my contacts for their support. We will be sending our prayer and financial support and watching your progress along the way. Thank you for what you are doing for all of us..

    • Thank you for spreading the word Bill. It was great to meet you and your family!

  3. Santi and Carolyn,

    I was also at Mass in Hayward when you gave your presentation. Nice work! You are both doing such important work and truly being His hands and feet. I hope you have a blessed and memorable journey. We were hoping you’d come through on highway 50 in Colorado so I could link up with you. You never know, I might have to drive to Durango and put in some miles with you. We were wondering what the plan is for getting down some of the downhills, especially in our state?

    We donated but will also be looking for other ways to get others involved. Thanks for you loving care for our brothers and sisters in Christ!

    Rebecca Dussault

    • Thank you Rebecca! We have V2 roller skis with breaks and speed reducers installed for the mountain descents. We may also jog some of the very steep grades.

  4. I had to check up on your progress I’m Judy kruegers brother I live in the Orlando Florida area but am working this week in Columbia sc so didn’t know how close u were but your making great time. By the way I did buy a shirt when I was in Wisconsin for the Birkie. Good luck and god bless both of u

  5. You guys are amazing. I really enjoyed getting to meet you both. Hope you enjoyed Ardmore!!! Will be praying!

  6. Amazingly strong effort. Good luck with the remaining part !

  7. Looks like a great cause and endeavor. Since rollerskiing seems so rare in my area here in PA (I am certainly the only rollerskier near Philadelphia it seems), part of me wishes you could travel through the northeast to spread awareness for the sport and your cause! Good luck!