Ways to Help

Do our athletic feat and our sacrifices inspire you?  If so, please harness that inspiration.  Here are some ideas on how you can help us fund-raise.

  1.  Donate!  Every little bit helps.  Even a $5 donation goes a long ways. Five U.S. dollars is enough to feed a child in an impoverished nation for 50 Days!!!
  2. Spread the word about what we are doing and ask people to donate.
  3. Speak on our behalf at your local church, and ask for a second collection to be taken for the cause.  Shoot us an e-mail and we will send you a letter that you can read to the congregation.
  4. Put on a fundraiser in your town on our behalf.  Invite all your friends to help.  Ideas include:
  • a donation dinner at your church or school
  • a fundraiser picnic (this can be as simple as a brat and hotdog barbecue)
  • putting on a car wash
  • setting up a  lemonade stand
  • a bake sale
  • starting spare change jars
  • organize a Fun Run, walk, or race
  • contact us about ordering a box of Ski Across America T-Shirts to sell at your fundraiser
  • Athletes and/or coaches, set up a one day clinic for your sport and invite the community

We are also looking for a couple of motivated trip co-planners.  If you have enough daily free time, you can help us look up and contact churches, chambers of commerce, and media in the towns we will be passing through.

Do you have any other fund-raising ideas that we could put up on the site?  Shoot us an email at skiacrossamerica@gmail.com with any other fund-raising suggestions you may have and we will add them to this page.



5 thoughts on “Ways to Help

  1. Congratulations Carolyn on winning the Birkie! Best wishes to you both from the Bianco family in Ely and thank you for doing this and providing inspiration to all of us! Let me know when you’ll be in Ely this summer. I’d like to try to plan an event to welcome you home and raise money and awareness for your cause at the same time.

    • Hi Mary! Thank you. I hope to be back in Ely by early June. We are very excited to start the trip! We can’t wait to see you all again!
      God Bless

  2. What a beautiful couple you are! You are letting your light shine. You are in my daily prayers and I will certainly donate. Blessings from the Nickell family…ps. Santi, how handsome you are!